About policlinic

Minsk city children's policlinic No 2 was founded in 1929. The policlinic is multi-field medical and preventive treatment facility under the control of Healthcare Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee.

The policlinic serves the children's population of Central and Sovetski districts of Minsk. Address of policlinic:  Chervyakov St., 3, Minsk,220053

The policlinic gives medical, preventive, specialized help in full. Diagnostic examinations (ultrasonic diagnosis of diseases of a thyroid gland, heart, abdominal organs, kidneys, an electrocardiography) are conducted. All-clinical and biochemical testings are carried out. The policlinic carries out a holter and spirometry.

Structure of policlinic:

  • the 1st pediatric department,
  • the 2nd pediatric department,
  • the 3rd pediatric department,
  • department of medical rehabilitation (including departments: electrotreatments, thermotherapy, inhalations, phototherapy, magnetolaser therapy; therapeutic exercise gym and gym, medical massage).

Cabinets of  specialists (the specialized help of the neurologist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, physiotherapist, cardiologist, infectiologist, doctor of  therapeutic exercise, the doctor of functional diagnostics, consultation of the logopedist and the psychologist).

Cabinets of diagnostic inspections (ultrasonic diagnostics, cardiography).

Department of clinicodiagnostic laboratory (carrying out all-clinical and biochemical testings, laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases).

Cabinet of orthoptic treatment.

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